Friday, 22 September 2017

Friday Five Minute Maps: Puffin Island

I did this on the bus. It is a small northern island on the cold side where humans stripped ost of the life from and it is now returning. Most of the life is wary of humans. There are stories of buried treasure and marooned men. Some say the birdmen who had a written language still survive or had treasure but the humans rendered them into oil lng ago. A few giant puffins remain and they especially hate humans and remember the last time man invaded and killed their kin. The mermaids used to be friendly once. Nobody is quite sure what killed the fur seal skinners and the whalers colony but sailors mostly avoi the place.

Im hald done on massive parasite post and marine beastmen posts

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Lan Lo - City of the Vanishing Lake

So my old city post of Lan-Lo was best received of my maps.

The ancient city sits in a central asia type trade route. It is very ancient and has traders and nomads from most civilizations. It also has prehuman ruins dating back further especially lizard men whos mummies and ghosts are sometimes found. The city is built on a lake that is cursed to move. Is it moves back and forth civilization moves with it and the huge basi area is surrounded by ruins aound the former location. As it moves back and forth the ruins are inevitably re-ocupied.

I will recreate it digitally next month in higher res. I will do versions with lake position past and present and with seasonal lake volume varients that show surrounding marshes, perhaps a version entirely ruined with the lake gone. A local hex map with content generators will also be handy. I also had idea of making one of my A-Z dungeon keys for ruins 24xd12 tables or something. Some caravan and tribe generators too. It will be very loose and sandboxy and might have a few tomb and ruin maps too.

As I have been sitting on 4 unfinished 100 page manuscripts for 5 years I am a failure as a game publisher despite years of practice in all the skills and experience. So I want to do something simple and short to get for sale that is less ambitious and I can edit myself. Ive also done stuff on stupas and nomad graphics in the past so I can re use them too. Size of a old TSR module seems a better goal than my huge incomplete setting books.

Stupas and steppe nomads with encounter tables

Some new tables

d12 Steppe Hex Location
1 Stupa - monastic burial location and shrine
2 Nomad village or camp

3 Abandoned village or camp
4 Burial site (tomb, eroded graves, standing mumified horsemen)
5 Water hole d4 1=wild herd animals 2=travellers 3=preditors 4=bandits
6 Grazing area often with wild herds or nomad herd
7 Sacred spirit mound - where shamen cont
8 Caves - often tombs, bandit hiding places or haunted
9 Ruins - lonely, eroded and sand blasted
10  Corpses from a battle or massacre from last d4 days
11 Ancient monument d4 1=statue 2=border stone 3=shrine 4=temple
12 Old road or trail mostly heading to Lan Lo

Encounter Tables

Steppes by day
Steppes by Night
Lake and marsh
Nomad families in wagons
Fisherman or marsh folk
Nomad warriors or hunters
Peryton or Leucrotta
Giant Otters
Nomad Herders with animals
Beastmen Tribe
Beastmen hunters
Holy Pilgrims
Orcish or ogre tribe
Giant Carp
Merchants of the east
Doom Bat
Flock of wetland birds
Merchants of the west
Giant Lizard or snake
Deer or buffalo or swine
Orcish tribe
Giant beetle or ants
Bandit gang
Terror birds
Giant Snapping Turtle
Beastmen tribes
Giant owl
Giant Crayfish
Demihuman tribes
Wild animal herds
Giant marsh Rats
Wild animal herd
Hyenas or jackals or fox
Giant frogs
Lions or wolves or dogs
Lions or wolves or dogs
Water Weirds

Encounter Tables

Ruins by Day
Ruins by Night
Occupied City
Nomad warriors
Shadows or wight
Nomad traders
City Adventurers
Zombie mummified nomads
Merchants of the east
Bandit gang
Lilliltu Demoness or Succubi
Merchants of the west
Orc tribe
Peryton or Leucrotta
Local merchants
Beastmen tribes
Sphynx or Shedu
Holy Pilgrims
Giant Lizard or snake
Lamia or Naga
Local militia
Giant beetle or ants
Orcish or ogre tribe
Terror birds
Beastmen Tribes
Giant eagles or vultures
Were owls or harpies
Stymphalion Birds
Hyenas or jackals or fox
Lions or wild dogs
Lions or wolves or dogs
Farmers or slaves

Encounter Tables

Steppe Beastmen
Ruin Beastmen
Wetland Beastmen

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A tale of Three Cities

These are three cities i drew as a deen in late 80s for my campagn

Blogger did od things with these files - reduced lan lo from over a meg to 68k tried again and it doubled. All were same res with Takarsis being 2meg - possibly the cropping did something to blogger but something to note. Will provide links to bigger flickr versions now. When i messed with it changed back into a draft so comments might be gone...

Lan Lo is sorta on the equivalent of the silk road in a desert. Every few hundred years the lake moves leaving salty boggy deposits and the people move with it. After thousands of years there are ruins abandoned as the lake moved. The place is a sprawling mess. Even the current north end while occupied has ruins everywhere and people find strange things like older civilizations art and prehuman things. The ruined area to the south has been abandoned currently for 350 years and is crawling with monsters and bandits and tribesmen. Even the lake bed has remains of pre deluvian ruins and remains of ships. If I used this now I would put to deserts north or Yoon Suin. Is a good mix or european, asian, middle eastern and central asian culture. Slightly based on real ruined city.

Takarsis is a big city in my Barrier Lands campaign. Adventurers hung out there for years. I used thieves world/Runequest cities to generate stuff which was where lots of my experience running sandboxes from tables began

The third one was in my late DnD campagn and was the hub of play for years. It even has a huge park where druids are always about doing rituals and erecting monoliths.

There are elements of all these in my current city setting. I would happily slap these in my world somewhere.

I could expand or update any of these or even try doing a module with one if ppl asked. Saying which best would help.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Stupid Oldschool Want List

My parasite piece is long winded and only 30 entries but word count what i would normaly do for 100 things....

Stupid oldschool wishlist

Went to old list modules i want and once had and smaller than i expected
I had all of these and a mountain of dragons and sold them to buy more comics as a teen

If anyone has at nice price of finds cheap grab for me becaus i have only seen 4th ed stuff second hand here in SA

B4 C1 I1 N1 X2 are my fave by far and want the most
If extra big fancy versions of these came out would be nice
Slightly tempted by B1B2 revision book

A1-4  slavelords
separate or book with lot ** (most cases prefer separate)

I probably liked first two best - last ones were kind of meaner
My first real look at high level adnd classes in use and tactics
B1 In Search of the Unknown - generic dungeon i can slap anywhere **
B2 The Keep on the Borderlands - cornball classic **
B4 The Lost City - one of the best ever *****
C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan - crazy aztec shit ****
C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness - only hazy memories **
D1 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa ***
D2 Descent into the Depths of the Earth ***
D3 Vault of the Drow *** those dirty dirty druggy sexy drow
I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City - one of the best *****
I2 Tomb of the Lizard King - i enjoyed at the time ****
I3-5 Desert of Desolation Trilogy enjoyed as a kid  but low priority ***
L1 The Secret of Bone Hill *** remember only scant detail
N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God - a fave i have run and ripped off lots *****
S1 Tomb of Horrors*** bonus star for the art book
S2 White Plume Mountain *** I had orange version
S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks - great with ASE1-3 ****
U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh - best of this trilogy ****
U2 Danger at Dunwater **
U3 The Final Enemy ** think this one pretty tedious
UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave - don't really know well
Uk2 The Sentinel *** ok series with interesting low rank relics
UK3 The Gauntlet *** great castle battle
UK4 When a Star Falls **** lots of running around and good gnomes
UK5 Eye of the Serpent **** best railroad for kids
UK6 All That Glitters... ** remember cover thats it
UK7 Dark Clouds Gather ** all i remember is flying monkeys
X1 The Isle of Dread ** probably idea of this has been done better nowadays
X2 Castle Amber ***** wow lots of stuff to do and Clark Ashton Smith style
a few other X series desrt nomads one i liked running as a kid and had good monster art

Ive played the giants series lots - i think they are tedious an weak
Hill giant big fight took a whole session and lots of dice then nothing after that seems to be a threat, original monoprint covers had best art compared to green combination vol

Still want deities and demigods with cthulhu and unearthed arcana
Temple of elemental evil book
First 2 Gammaworld modules want lots

Main new things I want now are the New Metamorphosis Alpha Epsilon City Box Set
A few GURPS things too...

Possibly will cave and get some reprints of my 
faves but paper looks glossy